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What’s a Digital Marketing Strategy without Experience-Driven Insights? A guess… I guess…

5 Tips to Improve Digital Marketing in Business

One of my favorite movies is Mel Brooks's sendup of Robin Hood and his merry men, in his 1993 film 'Men in Tights’. I’ll point out a particular character, the blind servant, Blinken. Now the character is completely blind, but in one scene Robin is returning to camp and Blinken is in the

lookout tree, apparently on lookout duty. Robin sees him and asks incredulously, "Blinken, what are you doing up there?” To which Blinken swings his head to the right, the left, and then replies “I’mmm… guessing… - I guess”.

The camp is blind at that moment, of course, open to being overrun by the evil Sheriff of Rottingham and his men. *sigh*

I see digital campaigns launched in a similar way – no data gathered for later comparison and to try and understand what ACTUALLY works - we have seen when the effort is based on.. a guess… I guess… in so far as what or why the client should invest.

Basic research data will provide a foundation for a digital marketing strategy, and when you integrate our experience-driven insights will elevate a digital marketing effort to new heights. Experience, often gained through trial and error, hands-on management, and real-world encounters, offers nuances that raw data might overlook.

Here's a shortened version of how blending research data with experience will lead to improved results:

1. Contextual Understanding of Digital Marketing Data

Interpreting Trends: While data can show you trends, experience helps you understand the 'why' behind them. For instance, a sudden spike in website traffic might be attributed to a recent event or a viral post, something an experienced marketer would recognize.

Predictive Analysis: Experienced marketers can often predict upcoming trends based on past patterns. This foresight can be invaluable in preparing and positioning your brand advantageously.

2. Improved Decision Making in Digital Marketing

Gut Instincts: Sometimes, the best decision isn't what the data suggests. It’s what your gut feeling tells you. I’ll suggest this is seen as instinct, which is honed over years with business experience and when it’s informed by data, it will often lead to breakthrough strategies.

Risk Management: Experience teaches you not just to identify opportunities but also potential pitfalls. An experienced marketer can foresee challenges and navigate them effectively.

3. Enhanced Effectiveness of Digital Content

Tone and Messaging: Data will tell you what content your audience prefers, but it’s the experience that guides the tone, style, and messaging. It’s this spark that truly creates a connection and resonates with a reader.

Crisis Management: If a piece of content receives negative feedback or sparks controversy, an experienced marketer will know how to handle the situation gracefully, turning potential PR disasters into trust-building opportunities.

4. More Efficient Digital Resource Allocation

Budgeting: Experience informs decisions about where to invest your budget for better ROI, be it in advertising, content creation, or another avenue. Seeing where investments are lagging or surpassing plans as soon as possible and making timely financial decisions possible.

Time Management: Knowing which tasks require more attention and which can be streamlined can save precious time, ensuring efforts are directed where they matter most.

5. Building Authentic Relationships

Community Engagement: When we think back for a moment, we see where experience teaches the importance of genuine engagement. Responding to comments, addressing concerns, and being present can foster a loyal community around your brand.

Networking: Over the years, marketers build a network of contacts, from influencers to industry experts. Leveraging these relationships can amplify your digital marketing efforts.


Research data offers a quantitative perspective, experience will add the qualitative depth and layers of understanding, intuition, and foresight. By marrying the two, businesses can craft a digital marketing strategy that's not only informed but also insightful, leading to enhanced results and deeper connections with their audience.

It’s the experience that makes a difference at the party for clients – fewer mistakes, better results.



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