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Preznc Report

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Competitive Intelligence for Digital

Preznc (pronounced as 'presence' [ˈprezns], which is "the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing"

The Preznc Report is an innovative analytics methodology that defines how to optimize the use of data signals in digital marketing. 

What we've found is that delivering accurate and timely information to businesses and then supporting advanced data-gathering techniques and rich industry information, offers a comprehensive picture of a business's marketing efforts. The data is systematically aggregated, assessed, and then presented in a user-friendly format, ensuring executives see actionable insights to enhance performance.

A Preznc Briefing (always included) goes beyond simple data presentation, uncovering previously unrealized patterns and providing solid insights. By democratizing data, Preznc Report enables businesses to make the most of their marketing budget by offering strategic perspectives on potential opportunities or challenges. This in-depth understanding encourages data-driven decision-making, leading to optimized operations and maximized use of marketing resources.

With manufacturers, we've seen that Preznc Report has been a transformative tool.  It always gives a clear view of marketing effectiveness in a visual way, identifying, and highlighting inefficiency, showing a path where to invest to further optimize the Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI), and boost profitability.

As an essential component of a marketer's toolkit, Preznc Report empowers an organization with its data-driven insights, fostering well-informed decision-making and promoting a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven digital marketing world.

Preznc Report is...

 Preznc Report provides a very thorough analysis of your online presence, covering website performance, search engine optimization (SEO), onsite engagement tactics, social media engagement, and online reputation.


This holistic approach ensures that you have a complete understanding of your current online presence and how well the organization is expressed online..

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