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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Established in 2001, Social Marketing Conversations, LLC (SMC) specializes in digital marketing strategy and branding advisement. We work with many client types in North America and offer a specialty in manufacturing in the US market.

It is a data-driven approach informed by hundreds of research initiatives and extensive online data collection, which allow a 'bespoke' digital marketing strategy specifically designed to drive measurable success for our clients. We work as trusted advisors on the data to your team as well - good information works well when it's spread around. 

We pride ourselves on our strategic guidance which enables manufacturers to compete effectively in a global marketplace. We include a globally published business-book author on social marketing strategy who provides valuable insights for maximizing social media ROI.

Drawing on decades of experience and a deep understanding of a blended team, SMC is committed to helping your business navigate and thrive in the digital sphere.


Steven Groves is the founder & CEO. He will take a personal role in the relationship with SMC and be intimately involved in the work. 


When needed, we work with a cadre of independent professionals in market research, digital and specialized research.

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