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The AI Prompting Pirate Podcast

Updated: Mar 20

The move of AI into business is in the minds of many, nearly inevitable. A few of my friends and I are headed out into the sea that is AI Prompt engineering and working to bring a series of informative and useful segments to life. The audience is the business owner who might not have a lot of time but want to keep their fingers on the pulse of what's actually important and useful.

We're recording the first few episodes now, but last week I talked about how the series was pending. Until we stock the stores aboard the ship and prepare to make way, I offer this short story of Captain Estaban, 1st Mate Collin, and our adventure sailing aboard the Grey Lady on the High Seas of AI Prompting.


A Journey of The Grey Lady in the AI Prompt Sea

Captain Estaban and his trusty first mate, Collin, set their course across the treacherous seas of AI Prompting aboard their formidable vessel, The Grey Lady. A sight to behold, she was, with sails as dark as storm clouds and a hull that whispered tales of the deep. The crew, a band of hearty sea dogs and buccaneers had thrown in their lot with Estaban and Collin, lured by the siren call of adventure and the promise of riches that lay hidden beneath the waves.

Captain Estaban, a salty sea dog with a keen eye for the secrets of the deep, had spent his life chasing the legends whispered only in taverns and etched upon ancient maps. His heartbeat only for the thrill of discovery, his soul alight with the desire to unlock the mysteries of AI Prompting's waters. With Collin, his first mate, aye, he was a clever cove, known across the seven seas for his quick wit and sharper strategy, a true master of navigating the perilous dances with fortune and fate.

Their journey was not for the faint of heart. Monstrous beasts of the deep threatened to tear The Grey Lady asunder, while rival corsairs, green with envy at the legends Captain Estaban and Collin dared to chase, lay in wait, guns blazing on sight of the majestic ship, and swords drawn for close combat. Yet, through Estaban's unwavering commitment and Collin's cunning, they steered clear of Davy Jones' Locker, their bond as captain and first mate proving to be their greatest treasure.

On a night when the stars shone as if guiding them to their fate, The Grey Lady cut through a mist as mysterious as the sea itself, bringing the crew to an isle unseen by the eyes of any mapmaker. “'Twas here,” Estaban proclaimed, “that the heart of AI Prompting's treasure would be found.” The isle was a gauntlet of cunning, guarded by riddles sharp as a cutlass and traps as treacherous as a siren's call.

Led by the Captain and First Mate Collin, the crew faced each trial with the courage of those who stared down the barrel of a pair of flintlocks and lived to tell the tale. They unraveled mysteries that twisted the mind like a hurricane's path, navigated through labyrinths that shifted as if alive, and deciphered secrets written in the very bones of the earth.

At the island's core, deep in a cave fed by the endless sea, they found their prize. But 'twas not gold or jewels that awaited them, but an ancient trove of knowledge, a library of the unknown, filled with the wisdom, and the whispers of a civilization swallowed by time. The true treasure lay in the understanding and insights bound within those walls, riches beyond the wildest dreams of any pirate.

At that moment, Captain Estaban and Collin knew that their greatest adventure wasn’t in the treasure found but, in the journey, the sea had driven them from one harbor to the next, only ever uncovering more about the mysteries in the AI Prompt Sea. The worth of the challenges was that they had overcome, and met the difficulties that arose, giving them a fellowship that were worth more than any chest of gold.

With the ship's hold filled with AI Prompt arcane knowledge that could change the course of history, Captain Estaban, Collin, and their crew of merry pirates set their sails once more, their eyes alight with the fire of wanderlust to their next discovery. The seas of AI Prompting, once a realm of untold dangers and unfathomable mysteries, now held stories of their bravery, their struggles, and the unbreakable bond between a pirate captain and his first mate. A reminder, indeed, that the truest treasures are not those buried beneath the earth, but those found in the journey and the hearts of those who dare to seek them.

Arrr, thanks for perusing this scroll, matey!

(yes, we're using AI to guide and create some of this, but SMC policy is to NEVER post content without a human eye applied and edits made)

EDIT - Links to the Promo Video and as of March 20, 2024 Episode 1



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