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Executive Artificial Intelligence Content - Whisper, Ideate, Create

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I like the idea of an executive being engaged with both current customers and the buying audience. A key component of the B2B buying path is developing trust in the vendor's ability to deliver. This trust is an underpinning to success. Likewise, customers do not want to have to go through a vendor selection process every time they need a batch of parts.

In today's digital landscape, using artificial intelligence (AI) in the content creation process has become an integral part of business strategy. The model used in a one-on-one, or even an SMB-sized business, often includes using artificial intelligence along with traditional methods like phone calls, emails, and regional event attendance.

As the business grows, the demand for content that demonstrates expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness grows along with it. This includes implementing the Google E.E.A.T. model, where using artificial intelligence can streamline the process.

AI can have a place in the mix, for sure, but where would it have its great impact and how do these things fit together? The thought being explored here is a mental evaluation of using artificial intelligence, how that compares to purchased content, and then, content created solely by the executive themselves. We look at these different methods relative to the processes needed in a content-rich, E.E.A.T. supportive web presence.

Ideation Process

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is pretty good at ideation by generating a 100 topic ideas based on trends, keywords, and user preferences in a few seconds. It can analyze and suggest topics.

  • Purchased Content When not using artificial intelligence, the executive can provide specific guidelines to the content creator or agency to generate ideas aligned with their expertise. Ghostwriters MAY understand your industry, but mostly they'll write well for you - accuracy is a learned skill and improves over time.

  • Executive's Own Content Executives have the advantage of firsthand knowledge, allowing them to generate ideas without using artificial intelligence. Albeit often over a few days.

Content Creation Process

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI can generate content off of prompts & keywords, producing articles, blog posts, or social media updates with varying length, quality, and coherence.

  • Purchased Content Without using artificial intelligence, the task can be outsourced to professional writers or agencies. Coherence is no longer an issue, but accuracy in technology or processes might be for a few iterations.

  • Executive's Own Content Creating content without using artificial intelligence allows the executive to leverage their expertise and unique insights. Powerful stuff often when video or informative images accompany the content

Editing Process

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI can assist in basic grammar and spelling checks, though nuanced editing may be limited. It's pretty quick.

  • Purchased Content Without using artificial intelligence, content usually goes through an editing process by the executive or marketing team.

  • Executive's Own Content The executive will need editing skills or hire an editor.

Publication Processes (A Special Mention)

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI does not (at this time) have the ability to publish content on its own mostly. Review and subsequent publication are needed.

  • Purchased Content The executive or marketing team has control over publication.

  • Executive's Own Content Full control over publication is retained without using artificial intelligence or alternate timetable.

In my view, using artificial intelligence in content creation offers quick ideation and creation options but lacks the personal touch and expertise of the executive. Purchased content still requires effective communication and editing skills in the executive. Creating content personally gives the executive full control but requires proficient skills and time commitment.



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