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An online presence is about much more than just your website.  The world of online is broad and deep – how you decide where to invest limited dollars to hit your target matters – increased revenue, greater market share or more profit – if you’re not including online there’s a risk of not even surviving.

Social Marketing Conversations (SMC) is a boutique firm specializing in online strategy, metrics and optimization.  We can show you where to make your next investment, and then the next and then… you get the idea.

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What We Do

The SMC process is based upon a combination of timely research, vision and experience.   We  have a dynamic team that understands online & social, traditional and why kind of engagement is going to improve revenues.  The methodology has been proven in hundreds of strategy engagements with client in broad and diverse industries.   What can we do for you?  Let’s start with the conversation…

We get to work with clients of all sizes and what we completely understand is that not every company invests the same – nor should they.

Many clients come to us without a clear understanding of their current online presence, so we begin with research that is quick and affordable.  Third-party research project (the Preznc Report from assures that we’re focusing on just what you need.  We join your team for as long as you need us to get the job done.

Social media is an ‘ocean of possibility’ but you cannot see or possibly consider the entire ocean as part of your strategy.  We do the work and heavy lifting so that when it comes time to discuss the strategy, we’re looking at a ‘teacup of possibilities’ – you make better, more relevant decisions about where to invest to get the best effect.

Once we’ve researched your presence, those of whom you compete with directly in the market and planned the proper strategy – we go into action.

We provide or can help source content development, scheduled postings, fielding in-bound inquiries or making outbound calls – we’ll execute or support your team in hitting the stated objectives, which is always laid along a path to revenue.

Who? Where? Why?

Who Are Your Clients?

Who are your customers?  We need to understand who buys your product or service.  When we know, we can then move to target them and engage where they are.

Where's Their Hangout?

Your customer is probably on line – somewhere… we uncover where.  We also research how they engage and what they’re expecting when they encounter you (or your competitors) in an online community.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, local and 3D social platforms – we understand them all.  We can show you where your customers are.

Why Do They Go Online?

We understand consumer and business-to-business (B2B) buyers behavior.  Why they go online is only part of the equation, more critical is how well you decide to accommodate them once they find you.

Frequently Asked Questions



FrequentADJECTIVE[ˈfrēkwənt ] occurring or done on many occasions, in many cases, or in quick succession: “frequent questions asked about us”

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What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clients range from middle-size to larger clients.  4-20 employees, a million in sales to much more.  Continental US & Canada have most of our clients, but we’ve done work as far away as Thailand, and Germany.

The industry focus is very broad indeed – manufacturers, distribution businesses and franchisees, retailers and service companies (we’ve worked closely with other in our industry as well – marketers and agencies)

What is your turn around time?

Projects run from as little as a few weeks to ongoing engagements around strategy and metrics that span many quarters.

How quickly are you needing results?  Who’s measurements? Your strategy or ours?

Do you have an affiliate program?

Not for SMC, but for our sister company at Preznc (Preznc Reporters) and ProRelevant (MarketSim ProTools) we do.

We were going through a web redesign and SMC’s work allowed us to really check what our local contractor was telling us. It also brought to light some online avenues we had not considered and were NOT offered by the contractor.

Overall, SMC’s assistance allowed us to be more confidant and create a better online presence.

Plastic Products Manufacturer


The research information was the highlight of the engagement – it opened my eyes to the online activities of competitors, the need to utilize the web site as a tool to generate leads and ways that we can leverage Linked In to create warm leads.  The team at SMC are an invaluable part of our team from now on!

Nat'l Non-Profit

VP Marketing

Top marks – as a marketing firm ourselves, this was an area that, at first we did not want spend much time on.  We were surprised by how helpful and spot on the work was.

NPO Marketing Firm


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