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A well-designed digital strategy come from being well informed. We’ll make sure that you understand the why as well as the what of where the work takes us.

Our work begins with our patent-pending Preznc Report. Preznc (pronounced ‘Presence’) provides a highly customized view of what’s most important in your online presence and helps you clearly see what improvements need to be made, where they need to be made and when. You see where the issues are and if & how your competition is siphoning off prospects.┬áPreznc Report was developed as a way to give a great deal of value in a very affordable, very short period of time.

Once diagnosed we get started on getting the most out of the budget you set aside. We work with you to quickly resolve whatever comes up. We work well with in-house staff or with outside contractors to find the right tactic and then we report on progress for the whole team.

Ready to get started? Reach out and let us know – we’re ready to show you which shore to swim to.

We’re big fans of knowing where to start. We take the time before we even propose a direction to understand what we’re up against. Our competitive assessment is industry leading and set the baseline against which we measure the results of the work. Up to 100+ digital marketing signals that include site structure, visitor engagement and social presence are collected for your on-line presence and those of your competitors.

The result is a SWOT analysis like nothing you’ve seen before and gives a clear indication of not just what’s possible but more importantly, what needs to happen next, right now. It also shows what we can delay until next week or even next year.

First we did research so we could understand where you were in your digital marketing.┬áThe SWOT analysis gives us a much clearer understanding of what we’re up against – now let’s get to work.

We work in digital strategy and we’re not distracted by whatever the latest bright, shiny platform, tool or tactic is. Data drives a good deal of what we do, but not at the expense of a creative idea or improvement.

We’re very focused in what works, why it works and how it’s best put to use for you in your business segment.

  1. Research = Understand your current digital marketing.
  2. Strategy = Data-driven and empowerment of a good creative idea or improvement.

Acting on a strategy means you now know where to invest. It’s not a guess. We want to take prospects and customers away from the competition. Your marketing budget is NEVER unlimited, regardless of what size company you are or how much revenue you generate. Our plan of attack is always aligned with your budget and your staff – we’ll bring in team members when they’re needed to execute specific parts of the plan.