“What can I do for my digital marketing or website?”


Digital Marketing Puzzle Pieces

That was the question asked most often when I started working with Economic Development in the US. I began working in Economic Gardening (EG) with the National Center for Economic Gardening in 2013. The work revolved almost exclusively around SEO at the time. I knew the answer was deeper however. It was this next level thinking that drove my work and provided inspiration. I knew the better question was not only what could a business do in digital marketing, but what should they do?

“For our business, this has been an unprecedented time with the current pandemic. That being said, the Economic Gardening Program was a breath of fresh air that allowed us to take a step back and focus on our business strategy moving forward. Preznc’ highly actionable feedback on our digital presence was implemented with ease. This is a great program for small businesses.”

Travel agency, Louisiana

I saw it, and still see it, as a great question worthy of asking and being answered. My dilemma was how to answer it for the busy executive? I decided it was with data – hard data regarding their own online presence and make a comparison to those they competed with. As the co-author of the ROI of Social Media, I knew that to rely on data from research, I could strip away the distractions of ‘bright & shiny’ to help answer the question with a higher degree of relevant. In EG, I wanted to know at what level of investment or budget of time should a business invest? It’s this question that is at the core of Preznc®.

Today, the pandemic is driving shoppers in both B2B & B2C to the web for their shopping and purchases. A few years ago I remember business owners often felt they could delay a website or a website refresh. Businesses today are not – now they’re asking how fast can I get it done vs. if the work’s needed. In the era of CV-19, it has become a plea from businesses everywhere.

It’s the businesses who, before the pandemic, counted on Face-to-Face or Word of Mouth. A website was a distant second thought or thought of as a necessary evil. These businesses are now seeing that the world is not going to return to the same, ‘normal’ business model they enjoyed in the last decade or so. All business is morphing into online. Businesses will still provide products and services like before, but now they add online to the mix. Those same products and services now need to be even more competitively priced – a price check is just a click away and online. Regardless of the price, the bottom line is that if you’re not appearing in search or social, you’re invisible to prospects and customers – who you’d love to look up a price for.


Preznc Report Digital Marketing Competitive Assessment

This is the place I think Preznc was designed for. Preznc was invented to help answer the question “What can I do to improve my online presence?” but with a ‘should’ instead of ‘can’. Clear, driven by data and direct to the point.

“I was very pleased. Preznc digital marketing strategy was incredibly in-depth and the comparisons to our competitors is very useful. When Steven was finished with his presentation in answering our research question it felt very empowering. I would definitely recommend to fellow small business owners.”

Digital marketing agency, California

The outcome of a Preznc Report is about answering the right question. More important at a time when it’s even more mission critical to be found online for the things you do, vs. the who you are.

Simple idea, right? Not if the next phone call or staff meeting after reading this, is about inventory, HR, shipping or any number of OTHER pressing business issues. Many business owners do not get the complexities of digital marketing and they cannot get a clear direction from people also wanting to sell a big new web project. This leads some to disengage or to just follow the crowd and ‘try’ the newest, latest greatest platform tool or tactic. We sell strategy here… it’s well packaged for a team to pick up and run with.

All too often, following the latest / greatest model, the business does not gain any benefits from the online presence – no prospects, no sales. What’s desired is a presence that that is readily found in the search engines and engages visitors to provide a steady stream of prospects and customers. In the debrief, you see the concepts, tools and tactic for efficiently managing a digital marketing effort – use your team or we can help source one.

Would a Preznc Report be right for you? It’s amazingly affordable and the benefits outweigh the investment. Scan a few testimonials from businesses in a wide variety if industries – we’ve conducted well over 500 of these surveys and looked at 1,000’s of website – businesses that have the same needs as you probably.

What can a Preznc Report do for you? You can Know what the competition is doing – now. You can Act on exclusive access to data that shows the way. You can Win against the competition with more visits, more prospects and more customers.

“The competitive assessment provided by Preznc Report lays out a clear picture of not just what companies can do, it gets right to the heart of what they should do with their digital marketing investments. The National Center for Economic Gardening has been working with Preznc since 2013 to both sharpen the research and provide to client companies a strong, strategic foundation for digital marketing. The data is highly regarded and client ratings are consistently high. We recommend it often in our work.”

Chris Gibbons / Founder, National Center for Economic Gardening

Economic Development Program

Preznc Digital Marketing Digital Marketing SWOT Testimonials

“I would highly recommend this program to other businesses, especially if they are capable of using the research and implementing the recommendations.”

Strategy Consultant, NY

“Preznc Competitive Assessment showed us needing a LOT of improvement, and we really appreciated it (and needed it!)”

Medical Product Manufacturer, Texas

“The Preznc Competitive Assessment was most valuable. We are working actively on our social media campaign now and interviewing to expand our digital marketing. Preznc opened my eyes to what we could be doing for chefs.”

Food Manufacturer / Farmer, Iowa

“Very much appreciated the information given about how to use Social Media to find prospects. It showed how weak we are as a company today. Luckily, sales are not an issue for us, but will be one day. This gives us a head start on getting our name and what we do out there on different social platforms.”

Medical Packaging, NY

“It was a tremendous experience. The report offered data to the insight and went into how to use the results. The time frame was perfect. It did not drag out, but I also did not feel rushed or stressed. All the interactions were positive. The follow-up debrief was super informative.”

Electronics manufacturer, Texas