All we can do at Social Marketing Conversations Online and digital marketing reign supreme today.

As clients lok to us for guidance, there are several underlying concepts that provide the  foundation of the work. These are the concepts that provide the premise of the Preznc® Report research methodology

Buyers Use Online to Shop 

  1. The prospect is online (~90%+ of adults in the US are online)
  2. B2B is looking for the SAME digital experience as consumers
  3. B2B ecommerce sales are expected to outgrow B2C ecommerce sales
  4. Our prospect will search for what they need (Most buying decisions start with a web search)
  5. Major purchases will be searched for in a search engine, recurring & minor purchases will not fall into this category
  6. B2B executives will research products or services on a tablet – in the evening

Buyers Use Mobile Platforms

So are smart businesses

  1. B2B buyer use mobile EARLY in the buying process – important time to create a relationship
  2. Mobile searches surpass desktop searches
  3. 80% of B2B buyers use mobile devices AT WORK to lookup vendors, products, & prices
  4. B2B Buyers who use mobile accelerate the sale cycle by ~20%
  5. Mobile marketing investments can provide a much higher ROI than desktop

Real data feeds these foundations and we examine these touchstones as we gather data and conduct a Preznc assessment.