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Social Marketing Conversations (SMC) provides conversation and consulting that give you effective tactical advice that let you target your audience to be more effective in social marketing.

We provide consulting, strategy and social presence management services for businesses around the world.

The array of services includes:

Social marketing and social media have grown to become a critical component in the marketers toolbox.  Social Marketing  Conversations, LLC (SMC) will provide you real expertise designed to connect your marketing to an ROI you understand.

SMC_Strategy_avatar100x100Strategic Consulting

Private Briefings on social media connected to ROI

Many executives want to understand the working of social media, often because they are told they need to.  To get a no nonsense answer about not only the ‘how’ of social media, but more importantly the ‘why’, Social Marketing Conversations can provide your executive team from the CEO, to the CFO and CMO the appropriate level of information so that the entire company, from the top down, understands how social media should fit within the organizations.

2008_AZEC_ThinkingSession facilitation for marketing teams on social marketing ROI

Marketing teams are facing a new paradigm – social marketing requires a very different capability which many of them may have never experienced.  Social Marketing Conversations can provide them with a solid foundation from which to begin working with social marketing elements that can be embedded into traditional media in powerful and productive ways.

Social marketing strategy planning

A well planned strategy in social media will take an organization farther and better than shooting from the hip time after time.  Social Marketing Conversations has a well developed process for working with organizations to assess the myriad of social networks, the organization itself and the tools in the market as part of providing a cogent and executable strategic plan for engaging in social media for business.

Marketing / social marketing ROI audits

Proving the Return-On-Investment of social marketing is critical as more and more brands opt to invest in social media and create a present to connect with consumers.  An audit of traditional and social marketing activity will help the marketing team show what their work has delivered to the bottom line; often precipitating a larger investment and further empowerment of the marketing effort.

SMC_Tactics_avatar100x100 Tactical Consulting Services

Social media monitoring / reporting

With all that’s being said in the various social media outlets, who can possibly hear it all and winnow out the instances that are relevant?  Social Marketing Conversations will set up a system capable of providing you the kind of feedback you need to identify and respond to consumers, customers and prospects.  Reporting can be instantaneous, daily or weekly as needed to fit your organizations.

Online social PR

Making consumers or other businesses aware of your brand online is the first step in getting them to invest in your product or service.  Getting the coverage you need to help generate that awareness if the job of PR.  Social Marketing Conversations has relationships with influencers and outlets that can get you noticed and talked about.


Social media content generation

Good content and regular engagement will drive your brand deeper and deeper into the mind of the consumer and a prospective client better than almost any other tactic at your disposal.  How to get that content created and posted to your social presence is what we can help with; video, pictures, images, graphics, audio or written content can all be tailored to your needs.

Keynotes, Group Presentations and Workshops

3553666091_95635a1c8f_o[1] Keynotes and group presentations

From 10 to 10,000, Social Marketing Conversations principals consultants and associates can address a range of topics centered under the ROI of marketing and social media.

Social Marketing ROI Workshop

A one- or two-day workshop format has been developed for marketers and are being presented all around the world.  Check our LinkedIn Company Page for updates that include date, times and locations.

question-mark Key Customized Capabilities

With the broad scope of needs an online presence might require, Social Marketing Conversations can design, develop and deliver what you need to be effective and get the ROI on your social marketing investment.

Contact us now to discuss your need and see how we can help!

Investment / Rate Card

We do not think you want us to dance around the question of what it takes to work with us.  Here is our rate card, or the usual fees so we can invest our time and talent with you.  If you have any questions or wish to propose an alternative structure, please contact us directly to discuss your needs, whatever they are.

If you think you just want an hour or so, we have an hourly rate of $250 per hour or $100 per hour for non-profit and faith-based organizations.  We don’t ‘do coffee and let you pick our brain’ – there’s too little there!

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