ROI of Social Media

ROI_SMGraphics_LG.jpgThe ROI of Social Media was written for marketers on how to strategically design, develop and implement a blended traditional and social marketing program that can be monitored, measured and connected to your bottom line.  Published by John Wiley & Sons in 2011, it has become a stable on the professional marketers bookshelf as the reference for how to construct and manage a social marketing presence using ROI as a foundation.

The genesis of the book was from a discussion between Guy Powell and Steven Groves, starting when Guy found Steven via a connection on Linkedin.  At the time, Guy was looking to have a question answered about a particular online marketing tactic he was proposing.  The ensuing conversation had them talking about how Guy’s background in marketing ROI and Steven’s background in social media might be married to create a manuscript around the ROI of Social Media – it turned out to be a very productive turn of events indeed.

Using Skype on a daily basis, Steven and Guy worked out the foundational elements of the book and Jerry Dimos was recruited from Singapore to round out the team with a greater focus on international marketing strategies.  A book proposal was generated and sent to John Wiley & Sons / Singapore and an agreement was reached to have the manuscript written on March 15, 2010.BookCoverFinal.jpg

Using Google Wave (remember Wave?) as a collaboration tool to connect Guy in Atlanta, Jerry in Singapore and Steven in Phoenix, the team set out to creating a relevant and strategic work on the ROI of Social Media and from that foundation we developed a framework that marketers could reference and put in place to help monitor and manage the process.

Research for the book was done leveraging he co-authors background in marketing ROI, social media and marketing strategy.  We approached some of the top brands and best marketers in the world to ask them how they used social marketing to connect with their audience and how they measured ROI in their marketing efforts.  We also connected with some of the premier social monitoring tool developers and asked them to share what it was their tools did, even to the point of using the technology for client engagements.

One result of the research was a far-reaching series of podcasts (estimated at over 50 episodes so far), blog posts and transcripts that are published here and the ROI of Social Media community site and are be referenced in the book as case studies on the state-of-the-art for social media implementations and the tools that support them.