Strategy & Marketing Effectiveness

We do the Heavy-Lifting for You
Marketing Effectiveness means making the right choices

Online Competitive Research

Imagine this concept – don’t guess what you should do in your online presence.

We always provide high-value research to remove the mystery in planning a social presence and clearly layout the path of not just whats possible, but what’s the RIGHT next step for you and your company.   We don’t try to boil the ocean of what might be possible and end up confusing you.  We do our job first, narrow down the possibilities and bring you a teacup from the ocean – you enjoy the process, lack of confusion and honesty in the recommendations.

Online Competitive Research is always the first step of an engagement.  Without we’re guessing and we care more about you and your online presence than that.

Optimized Media Analytics

Investing in media is easy – get a credit card, pickup the phone or click a mouse and poof!  You’re a media buyer…

Investing where it matters is a bit tougher.  We use advanced tools (called MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics) from ProRelevant Marketing Solutions which provides you with optimized media spend plans that can so dramatically improve marketing results that somewhere between 5 to 12% is added to the bottom line.

ABM is ideal for account with $5MM or more in annual media spending already in place or start-up with a $5MM launch media spend.

The Online Experience Matters

The Social Conversation is now Marketing.  It shows your customers, prospects and future employees what you, the company and the culture is like – and why they should do business with you.

Think of it this way – in Facebook alone there is over 1.5B members sharing pictures of puppies and babies.  This equates to somewhere around 1 in 6 on the planet.  Unless you can afford a Super Bowl ad, there is no better or higher ROI tactic than social media to reach your market.

If you’re not connecting with your customer online – maybe your competitors are?  We can tell you.