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Why is Social Media Important to Business?

The Colorado Social Business Survey (CSBS) was developed by Social Marketing Conversations for clients and subscribers to answer this question and many others.  The CSBS looks at how other businesses in Colorado have implemented their public social presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The survey examines –

  • over 300,000 posts from
  • 150 companies in
  • three social networks

…and share how the top ranked companies got to be top ranked and why marketing in social media is important for buinesses who want to be here in the next 5 years.

Table showing the top 10 companies in the CSBS

This request for the ‘Condensed Edition’ (CE) of the report and is generally available to the public on a request basis.  The final version of the full report with data, tables and specific findings is available by –

  • Subscribing for the 2012 Survey ($395.00 which also includes the 2013  edition when published).  Click here to request a subscription
  • Request to ALL companies included in the Survey (there is no charge to companies that were included in the Survey). To find out if your company was included in the Survey, send us an email with your company name and contact information
  • Social Marketing Conversations clients

To get your own Colorado Social Business Survey / CE, we just need a name (use your own please) and a valid email address. We’ll send an email with a link and a PDF file attached.

Enjoy the Survey and if you want to share it with friends, please do so by giving them the link to our website!

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The version we provide for download here is tailored for a general audience, however the paid subscription to the Social Business Survey will include more data, more tables and, as they are published, more states, industries and specialized, topic-specific  segments.  Let us know your interest in the subscription service here and we’ll get with you on your specific needs.

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