Coffee and Conversation

We love, love, LOVE to connect with new friends, prospective clients and people in general.  When we’re out and about, we’ll sit and talk social marketing and social media for hours – add a glass of wine and who knows when we’d stop.

We also offer a whole slew of ways to chat and connect via online technology – we monitor them all pretty well too, but not perfectly.  Online connections are picked up as soon as we come across them.  While we welcome every connection and interaction, we want to promote the idea that marketing and social media are our business and we want to encourage profitable relationships.

Ask us for a quote for whatever work you need done and we’ll be right there with it.

Are you this client?

We put this video here not to offend anyone, but to share a perspective on how we’ve seen some people ask for help, but not realize that it is the work we do here.   We really do encourage you to take full advantage of everything we published – here and elsewhere around the web and there is some really good stuff out there – we believe in the power of the social web!

Likewise as a business, we manage revenue relationships with clients and we’ll develop the ROI models that will show the power of what we do.  Some people we’ve come across are intentional and nefarious in their behavior – imagine intentionally soliciting consultative input and never intending to engagement us for work!  Amazing I know – the gall of some people!

Thanks to the people at Scofield Editorial, Inc. for helping us all say this in a serious but entertaining way!