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I’m a pretty regular kind of guy, like you – that is if you’re the kind of guy your kids call an ‘Ubër Geek’ – and mean it in a nice way.

My minor degree is in Computer Programming and I did not cross the stage for a Bachelors diploma – College Dropout success story.  Worked in Corporate America with some pretty big tech companies back in the day, doing sales for mainframe software.  Since then I’ve worked on understanding why a business should invest anything in an online presence – Facebook is free right?

My experience in online communities began in the days of dial-up and extend forward into immersive, 3D experiences and wearable computing.  I’ve been (and am still) a Google Glass Explorer, early adopter of wearables and LinkedIn member #11,005.

The technology we can deploy today fascinates me and I stay current on many fronts that represent where I think the world is headed – while understanding and acknowledging where we came from as it recedes into the rear-view mirror.  Your success is ahead of you… so is mine.

I run Social Marketing Conversations as a boutique firm working with a few clients.

I’m also working with my co-author and partner in business, Guy Powell, growing ProRelevant Marketing Solutions and promoting the MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics technology platform.

I also get to work with an amazing group of professionals at the National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG) as part of a team of specially trained and cultivated resources for ‘Economic Gardening’, part of the National Strategic Resources Team.

Economic Gardening (EG) is a brilliant invention by Chris Gibbon which provides a framework, training and certification in EG-specific tools, tactics & techniques. EG focuses the talents and resource typically reserved for large, more well funded companies, on ‘gazelle-class’ entrepreneurs who can use the research to affect their revenues, improved growth and increased hiring.  It’s  program in place in many regional an local Economic Development Corporations / Companies across the US.  The NCEG resides at the Edward Lowe Foundation, a foundation with a charter of supporting second stage companies.

It’s this work that has for me, enabled me to craft a pretty crisp and clear model for online success for business – through hundreds of assignments in developing online strategies I come to understand precisely what works and doesn’t work.  I share that here and in the work I do.

It’s work I love to do.

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