About Us

We’re probably a lot like you…

… we enjoy working hard, we always strive to deliver a great product and we want to be adored by millions.

Well, besides the millions of admirers, we really do like to work hard and deliver a knock your socks off project.  How we do that is by following a methodology and process in our work and we work in such a way that you are aware of where we are going and what your role is in the process.

The People at SMC

Steven Groves – Founder, CEO

Steven is our CEO, founder and principal consultant for Social Marketing Conversations, LLC.  He is a truly visionary strategist and a powerful leader.   He’s REALLY good at digital stuff too, like being an author, podcaster, blogger, and digital / social quality video producer (he’s a geek).

Steven has worked with companies, brands and individuals covering both the traditional and social marketing world.   His involvement with social media, marketing and web technology spans a lot of developments and growth over the years and he’s work in all manner of enterprise, from entrepreneurial start-up and small business to corporate America with some of the largest brands on the planet.

Is Steve an ‘expert’ or ‘guru’ in social media? Yeah, pretty much.  He provides the vision behind much of what we do here at Social Marketing Conversations and is constantly on the look out for new strategies, tactics and tools that show ROI.  Steven is one of the most literate people you’ll ever come across in online and social marketing technology and he translates esoteric marketing terms and social media jargon into easy to understand concepts that convey the best practices and tactics when it comes to a successful social media deployment.

Steven has worked with some of the largest technology and software companies in the world like Computer Associates, Microsoft, IBM and has consulted with global clients in a wide range of industries that include foodservice, consumer product goods (CPG) and fast moving consumer good (FMCG).   He has held responsibility for designing and developing enterprise social media programs, international sales and business development efforts and now focuses on the successful deployment of social marketing programs for mid- to large organizations with an eye on ROI – the kind of solid ‘Return On Investment’, hard dollar comparisons that drive results.

Steven lives in Englewood Colorado, Southwest of Denver and enjoys bicycling and walks in the cool Colorado evenings as the sun sets.

Steven Groves

Steven Groves

Founder, CEO

Download Steven Groves Public Bio / Curricula Vitae


Guy Powell – Director / VP, Marketing Analytics

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to connect all your marketing activities to their impact on sales revenue?  Wouldn’t it be great to remove the guesswork from putting your marketing plans together? Over the last 20 years Guy R. Powell, based in Atlanta, GA, USA, has done just that.  Either in senior level sales & marketing across the globe or as part of his current consulting activities.

With experience on both the client side and on the consulting side, Guy is our go-to man for metrics, tools and sophisticated measurement methodologies.  Our work with the ProRelevent MarketSim technology is because of Guy, he promotes and owns it.   He has served as VP of Sales & Marketing for a number of companies delivering growth through innovative product, marketing and selling programs.

His industry experience includes consumer package goods, digital electronics, high tech, brewery, frozen food, automotive, cable & wire, consumer durables, media & entertainment and many others.  Besides the book coauthored with Steven, Guy authored of two other books: The Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing return in marketing investment, and, Return on Marketing Investment: Demand More from your Marketing and Sales Investments.

Guy lives in Hot-lanta (Altlanta, GA), sings in the church choir and exhibits an often quirky, but always pleasant, sense of humor.

Guy Powell

Guy Powell

Director / VP, Marketing Analytics

Free Consulting from SMC

We love to talk with people!  Even more we like to work with people who need what we do – industry leading social marketing strategy and consulting.

Chris Brogan wrote a great post (great read) on the ever present request to have a coffee, lunch or dinner so someone could just ‘pick his brain’.  He (and we) are always flattered by the request – we really are!  What we also recognize is that the ability to provide a client months or years of time savings, not making the same mistakes we have already have made (and learned from) has taken a great deal of time, sweat and blood to uncover.   We fully expect a client to take what we do with them and use it – that is why we do what we do!

However, if we decline a meeting with you and suggest a phone call, it’s only because we’ve probably not uncovered (yet) how we need to connect and understand what kind of work you require.  If you are calling to invite us to a party or event though, we’re ready!

Bottom line is that if you believe that interactions with our team has value to it, then we’d like to talk with you.  If that is not what you’re looking for, its OK too – look us up when you are ready or connect with us on the social media platform you like best – we’re probably already there and if not, please send us an invite.

We Want To Hear From You