The Social Economic Gardener

Waiting on my plane to depart from Chicago Midway, I had just sat down after an intense four-day session learning the principals of Economic Gardening and I was so inspired it was somewhat difficult to collect my racing thoughts into something I could share.  I had been exposed to concepts around about how personality, organic system complexity, chaos theory and other frameworks could be applied to the practice of economic development.  It was like drinking from a fire hose for sure, but now a week later, I feel like I can put some of the pieces together and connect them to how social media and SEO practices fit the practice of economic gardening, or ‘EG’ as it’s called by those involved.SocialEG logo at Social Marketing Conversations

My first thought is that online marketing, SEO and social media are perfectly aligned with what EG attempts, at least from the perspective of the National Strategic Resources Team (NSRT).  The NSRT is a network of trained & certified professionals which supports pilot and outsource projects for organizations that want to implement EG but might be a bit short on resources or just want to try it out in thier community.  The NSRT is a team coordinated and managed by the NaChaos Symboltional Center for Economic Gardening.  As an NSRT member, I get called on in short, concise engagements and it is in those engagements that I think an improvement in SEO, online and social media process can be crafted.

What makes me think it can be is the sheer volume of SEO and social media people out there and the numerous strategies, tools and tactics that can be deployed.  I now see one of my tasks exploring frameworks for short, sharp engagements that can deliver results – not necessarily in the current quarter, or the next but consulting recommendations that have a similar certainty of results that EG promotes.  I don’t think I have all the answers of course, but the focus on ROI and results, combined with Chaos Theory have me thinking along the lines of making a small difference now that has a much larger impact later.

What is EG?  Lots has been written, but the story unfolds best on the City of Littleton website, where EG got its start under Chris Gibbons.  The results are worth noting as are the tactics – Littleton is much better place for what EG has done and now, over 20 years after its genesis, it is being rolled out on a larger scale, first here in North America.

This is my first post on the topic, but certainly not the last as the journey in EG and The Social Gardener take the first few steps together.

Chaos Symbol – Raven Beartrap’s Chaos Symbol by *KrazedKei