Condensed Edition of Colorado Social Business Survey Now Available for Download!

Social marketing and the use of social media to attract prospects, service existing customers and connect with stakeholders is clearly becoming more and more relevant for businesses everywhere. We are also clearly well past the point in adoption of social media by consumers to believe that the use of social media is a fad that warrants no further investigation.

Top10 Ranked Colorado Companies in Social Marketing The next step for business then is to decide how best to invest in social media-based marketing and create social conversations that support the business. One approach is to make the objectives of your marketing more data-driven, a capability that in the past was horribly expensive and cost prohibitive for many companies. Today that data is only a few mouse clicks away, at least for a Colorado-based business.

A few weeks ago we announced the development of the Colorado Social Business Survey (well… we actually called it an ‘Index’) and that soon it would be available – here it is! The Condensed Edition (CE) is available at no charge for download here ( and while it is abbreviated from the full report, the information presented in the CE version is both valuable and relevant to businesses anywhere that want to understand what it takes to become a top-ranked company in using social marketing.

What Does The Social Business Survey Show Me?

Readers will uncover what’s important in connecting to their audience, regardless of how they define that audience and regardless of whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Linked. Presented in the report are the most important factors that establish what’s important on each platform and how different online media relates to another.

Who is the Report For?

The survey is designed to be used by business executives who need to manage the business objectives and want to understand what metrics matter most. What is learned by reading the survey is how others are successfully managing a social presence for business and what best companies in Colorado are doing with social media.

To Know More

Download the Condensed Edition of the survey here or call us by clicking here.  We’ll be happy to talk with you and discuss the content in the report.