Social Marketing Conversations Announces the Colorado Social Business Survey

It is rapidly becoming a liability for companies to ignore their social presence – we make sure our clients dodge that bullet
Steven Groves / CEO, coauthor “ROI of Social Media”

Social marketing is becoming a lynch-pin of any marketing campaign, whether it starts offline, in traditional media or online.  In Colorado it may be even more relevant, according to a recent survey of over 150 companies by Colorado-based Social Marketing Conversations.  

According to Irv Stern, Social Strategist and lead analyst on the study “Social media sites are widely adopted by about half the population in Colorado, and denizens favor LinkedIn over Facebook.  The number of users is very high if you consider that the 2011 US Census puts 5.5M citizens in the state.”

Division of Likes, Follows and Followers on Major Social Platforms in ColoradoAs a part of the survey, Social Marketing Conversations totaled the number of Likes in Facebook, Followers in Twitter, and? Follows of the Company Page in LinkedIn for the top 10 companies in each social media platform and came up with 303,110 of them.

Top social presence in ColoradoThe survey ranks 150 companies with regards to the best tactics and engagement in social media. Here’s a list of the top 10 companies, with Ft. Collins-based OtterBox and Boulder-based Trada taking the top honors on each platform, proving that they are the most capable of engaging with their audience.

“It’s apparent in our survey that the citizens of Colorado are relying more on social media for connection to their community and the brands that support the Colorado lifestyle” Irv continued, “an effective social marketing presence will become even more critical for businesses that want to compete effectively in either B2B or B2C markets.”


The survey looked at a publicly compiled list of 150 companies that are / were in their second stage of growth.  Other criteria for inclusion to the list are that the company be privately-held, headquartered in Colorado, employ more than a 1/2 dozen employees and report revenues above $750K but less than $50M.

The ranking does not show who has the most Likes, Follows or Followers however.  It is an evaluation of the firms social marketing potential and standing is dependent on the overall social presence of the firm and their Earned Media presence in the major social platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Details of the Survey

Detail regarding the public persona of the survey companies are continuing to expand and SMC is digging deeper into the social media presence of the companies in the survey base.  If you’re wondering how you fare against the best (and worst) social marketing presence Colorado has to offer, click here to send an email or call us on G-Voice at 602.903.1010.

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